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Derek Roddy (US)

Derek Roddy – considered to be one of the most influential drummers in extreme death metal – can be found touring and recording regularly as well as  teaching masterclasses both on the road and in his hometown of South Florida where he also breeds snakes. He began playing drums at a young age, with early years as part of his marching band, eventually learning with Peter Criss

Derek's style of extreme speed and clean execution has earned him the reputation as one of the most influential drummers in extreme death metal. Though he is mostly a death metal drummer, Roddy finds influence in other genres including blues, jazz and rock– all of which has influenced his technical style of dexterity and form across all genres he plays. He has played with bands such as Hate Eternal, Nile, Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire, Aurora Borealis and Council Of The Fallen, and most recently with his own band Serpents Rise.

Since 2008 we've had the privilege of working with Derek, developing the Derek Roddy Signature Edition Pedal, available as single or double, in either black or silver.

Follow Derek on Instagram to stay up to date on his tours, snakes and classes.


George Kollias (Greece)

George Kollias, the world touring drummer playing for the U.S. death metal legend Nile, holds Drum Clinics worldwide and teaches at the Extreme Drumming Department of Modern Music School as well as privately online. George got his first drum set at the age of 12, and began officially studying drums in 1990 with Vasilis Baxevanakis and he continued later on with the Greek jazz master Yannis Stavropoulos.

George is well known for his extreme Death Metal drumming style, mixing technique and creativity, pushing the limits of the music to another dimension by using his many years of knowledge of Jazz and other drumming styles. George is renowned for his double bass skills and the extreme tempos he plays with Nile in his solos. He plays all the blastbeats with one foot, even at speeds up to 270bpm. In live performances, he pulls off everything as in the studio, playing long sets at those speeds for hundreds of shows per year.

In 2014 we had the privilege of developing the George Kollias Signature Edition Pedal with George, available as single or double, in either black or silver.

Follow George on Instagram for his latest updates. More information can also be found on his personal website.


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Joey Aguirre 

Walter Ariel Baum 

Javier Aponte-Rodriguez

Alex Bent

Ken Bedene

Davide Billia

Jan Axel Blomberg “Hellhammer”

Steve Bolognese

James Cassells

Ronnie Ciago

Geoff Clapp

John Clarke

Steve Clarke

Corey Chernesky

Richard Christy

Marco Coghe

Ian Cosgrove

Tate Cunningham

Aira Deathstorm

Kong Depei

Steve DiStanislao

Juan Eduardo Dominguez

Adrian Esposito

John Favicchia

Dave Ferrara

Harry Ferrer

Cameron Fleury

Nils Fjellstrom

Claudio Galinski

Chris Gartmann

Steve Godoy

Ruston Grosse

Kris Gustofson

Nishant Hagjer

Gareth Hardy

Greg Harrison

Lee Harrison

Septimiu Hărşan

Graham Hawthorne

Bryan Hitt

Weston Hodges

Greg Holloway

David Husvik

Jorge Iacobellis

Michael Isaev

Yoron Israel

Fernando Jaramillo

Adam Jarvis


Anthony King

Garry King

George Kollias


Douglas Las Casas

Daniel Alejandro Lopez

Martin Lopez

Kit Marsden

Fabiano Manhas 

Byron McMakin

Jamie Saint Merat


Mark Mironov

Danny Molina

Chris Moore

Jota Morelli

Rodrigo Oliveira  

Cristobal Orozco

Samus Paulicelli

Davier Pérez Ortega

Ralph Peterson

Marco Pitruzzella

Spencer Prewett

Michael Ponomarev

Aaron Pinto

Richie Ramone

Rodrigo Rios

John JR Robinson

Derek Roddy

Tomás Roitman

Leo Rodriguez

Bobby Rondinelli

Bob Ruggiero

Pete Sandoval

Simon "BloodHammer" Schilling

Gina Schock

Joseph Serrano

Du Sicong

Mike Smith

Neal Smith

Tony Smith

Nelson Socha

Benedikt Stehle

Stephan "Stocki" Stockburger

Stevie Stephens

Giacomo Torti

Hector Torres

Dillon Trollope

Butch Trucks

Eddie Vallee

Junior Vargas

Tim Waterson

Alan White

Thomas White

He Yan

Tim Yeung

Jirka “Jurgen” Zajic

Humberto Zambrin

Steve Shalaty