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      Currently Drummer for The Joint Chiefs Band out of Santa Cruz, California USA

      Solo Artist: Travels Of Escobar 2015 and Short Stories 2020

      Toured with: Grammy Award Winning Vocalist/Recording Artist Tony Lindsay (Santana, Dancing With The Stars)

      Grammy Award Winning Vocalist Ms. Monet (Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Michael Mc Donald)


      • X Single Longboard

      • A Shortboard Skinny
      • A Longboard Single
      • A Longboard Double
      • Derek Roddy Signature Single



      Axis Percussion Artist Since 1996.

      For me Axis Pedals are amazing! I'm often asked by other drummers advice about other pedals and I can honestly say "I've not touched any other pedal in over 25 years so I can't tell you anything about any pedal other than Axis."

      I always travel with a pedal and I dont have a favorite it just depends on what I grab at the time.

      I've taken my Axis X Longboard Single out on tour, my first Axis A Single pedal from 1996 and more recently my Derek Roddy Signature A21 single. On one of my main kits I use the Axis Dock O Matic on the 22" and 18" bass drums and the Axis A Longboard Single Pedal just drops in place and I love that! What I love about my pedals is that no matter what one I use they are all consistent in feel, speed and power.