AXiS Drum Pedal Case

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Not just a case but a traveling vault.  This case is designed specially for Your AXiS pedals and has a molded compartment to house your driveshaft.  The interior Velcro (R) straps will securely hold everything in place.

This case measures 15"  x 11" and is 11.5" tall when fully closed.  Our unique slide on top allows for extra room if needed and can extend up to 13.5" tall.

One piece molded construction ensures maximum durability - there are no seams or hinges to fail.  As with all AXiS products, our cases are manufactured and assembled in the Untied States and are made to the highest possible standards. 

This case can be used with both our Longboard and Shortboard pedals and can accommodate a single pedal, two pedals or our double pedal set including a drive shaft. 

Unfortunately, this case will not accommodate our Wideboard pedals. 

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