George Kollias Edition Double

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DISCLAIMER: Silver photo is from the old website and does not exactly reflect what you will receive. All doubles now include only one spring per pedal and an updated heel block. See current black photo for reference.


The George Kollias Signature Edition Single Pedal comes equipped with:

  • Electronic Kit
  • "A" Cam Assembly
  • MicroTune
  • Variable Drive Lever


Included on each pedal are a new Direct Link Toe Piece, inspired by George, which increases the angle of the footboard for greater leverage.

Available in Black or Silver. 

The self contained Electronic Kit allows triggering without the use of external adhesive piezos eliminating cross-talk and double triggering. The base plates are smooth with the distinctive design applied by laser etching. 

For ease of adjustment, included are the patent pending MicroTune Spring Tensioners which incorporate a greater degree of precision and accuracy in fine scale spring tuning.

The proprietary Variable Drive Lever allows for the regulation of the ratio of footboard movement to the arc of the beater.


George Kollias is an accomplished extreme death metal drummer, renowned for his technique and creativity, using his knowledge of diverse styles of drumming to push the limits of music.