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Pete Sandoval was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador in 1964. Pete moved to Los Angeles in early 1981. It was during 12th grade when he got interested in drums.That's the kind of drumming he picked from the beginning (Speed/Grind, fast metal), then he created his own speed/grind metal drumming. 

Pete wanted to play twice as fast as any speed metal band from those days: Slayer, Metallica, Kreator, Destruction, Dark Angel, Possessed, Sodom, Bathory. Black metal was not born yet, it was the time for "Death metal" to develop and to show its ferocity and brutality. After graduation Pete formed a band with a high school friend. Those songs were simple heavy riffs (Hellhammer style) with fast drumming, that's when he started working on blast beat.

In 1985 Pete met Jesse and Oscar, and joined their band, eventually called Terrorizer. They recorded several demos which circulated throughout the underground and played local small shows. In 1987 one of these demos ended up on the hands of Trey and David of Morbid Angel and he went ahead and joined them.

They recorded the first LP Altars of Madness to great success. Earache records owner (Dig Pearson) wanted to record Terrorizer "World Downfall" which instantly became a big hit for the extreme, grind, speed core metal scene. Then in 1991 they recorded Blessed Are the Sick, another success. In 1993 they recorded the acclaimed and brutal album Covenant.


  • 2x A21 Longboards

  • E-kit triggers

I clearly remember Chuck and Darrel walking into the studio where we were going to shoot "God of Emptiness" video. They were carrying in my first set of Axis pedals, so I started using them right away; what a change!, what a feeling I thought when I first started playing them. I loved them right away and since then I've always used Axis for my following recordings and tours. I recorded five more Morbid Angel albums and three Terrorizer albums.and hundreds of shows all over the world playing my Axis pedals!

Thank you Chuck, Darrel and everybody else at Axis percussion! (You guys are the best! no one can touch you). I wish you all the best! These pedals are really heavy duty! they last for ever( if you take care of them the proper way). They have taken a lot of punishing and hitting from me and yet they have stood still, and strong, and heavy. Hundreds and hundreds of shows and they have given me all I need to brutally play fast, hard and brutal! I will recommend you listen to our last Terrorizer album we recorded in 2018 "Castic Attack" as an example of what I'm able to do with my feet in those songs. Believe me you will be amazed of what you hear! and how those long boards help me with my attack!

My set up now includes two A21 long board pedals( they kick ass for me) and also I just added the E-kit (Electronic trigger device) and I only trigger my kick drums now. Maybe I will use both trigger and microphone for snare drum if necessary.. But I'm done with triggering all my drums but my kicks, including my toms, because I lot of times it sounded like a drum machine (And I hated that) but I was just experiencing and learning back those days so I couldn't actually tell of how my drums sounded on some albums like Domination because I decided to use triggers all over the kit and a click that I was not used to, for me that album came out slow and machine sounding like, I then thought it was too ridiculous to trigger my whole kit since that's what made it sound like a drum machine on some albums but then when I did "Formulas I changed the whole concept and the too clean of a sound I had in Domination, so I used microphones for toms and snare and I only triggered my kicks. and since then I only trigger my kicks for studio recording and for touring, then I get more of a raw and a real sounding drum instead of a machine sound.

These Axis pedals btw can adjust to any type of drumming style! Just try them and feel for yourself the change you'll feel and how easy it is to adjust to any way or position you need. You don't have to play speed/grind/blast speed drumming in order to feel and know that no matter what kind of music you play; they will adjust, then you can feel the huge difference and comfort when you start playing. And they will never brake or quit on you, maybe the spring may brake after several years of playing, but then you just install the heavy duty. thick and strong new spring they have; and you will be a happy camper!

The triggers are marvelous as well, the way they are installed on the pedal, they work awesome! so genius and easy that they easily become part of the pedal and these pedals are very durable, heavy duty, fast and very strong!

I strongly recommend Axis pedals to all of you new and young generation of drummers; especially those who would love to learn and play speed drumming, and the infamous "One foot blast beat which I started creating back in 1985! Just go and look for the 1987 early Terrorizer demos and hear it for yourself that the one foot blast beat was already under control and was being developed! until I had it mastered, I was touring and blasting since early 1990!