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    David Kinkade was born in New Jersey in 1983. At the age of three, he started playing drums after his Grandfather gave him his first drum kit. 

    He has played for Soulfly, Borknagar, Arsis, Malevolent Creation, Divine Empire and Council of the Fallen. 

    I started playing Axis A short boards in 2001. When the first E-kits became available, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Gen 1 versions. As the designs were enhanced, I messed with every setting imaginable and soon discovered that they were the triggers of the future. The Gen 2 detonator design was actually a metal bearing ball and managed to survive 5 years through studio sessions and tours. (By the way- don’t crank the detonator down completely with the hex key. You should be able to adjust the detonator to the correct height with your fingers.)

    When the longboard was introduced, I discovered leverage I never even realized I needed and a whole new personal challenge of speed and control evolved for me. Overall, I love Axis pedals. I’ve had 8 pairs in 20 years. They’ve survived all the torture I could throw at them and always performed exactly as I needed them to.

    I semi-retired from drumming in 2012 but returned in 2020. The first call I made was to Axis. No other pedal comes close, especially because of the E-kits. They are the most reliable and no bullshit kick triggers on the market. What you play is what you hear. They will point out all of your flaws and make you a better player because of that.

    I love the people that make the innovations possible, the precision of their work and of course, the products. Karen, Chuck and Zed are absolutely the most down to earth people at a company I’ve ever worked with. I’ve texted pedal questions to Zed at 11pm and he’s always responded with an answer. I couldn’t be more proud to work with such a great company. Thank you Axis for 20 years and counting of excellent service and support.

    His drumming influences include Lars Ulrich, Dave Lombardo, Vinnie Paul, Nick Barker, Gene Hoglan, Hellhammer, Nick Mason, Gavin Harrison and of course Neil Peart. 


      • A Longboard custom


    In October 2012, he played his final show with Soulfly in Bangkok Thailand and temporarily retired for 8 years in order to focus on family and fixing his lower back problems.

    In 2020, Kinkade returned to creating music with his own band, The Monarch.