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       Cristobal Orozco sponsored by axis percussion



      Cristobal Orozco was born in Santiago de Chile on June 15 1983, from an early age he realizes that music was going to take an important role in his life.

      He grew up in a musician’s family and got his first drum kit at the age of 9 from his father Cristobal one of the most recognized Chilean artist, selling more records than anyone at the time.

      He always looked for the best place to settle, developed his obvious talent and get full knowledge about Drums.

      He has being involved in projects with a variety of musical styles including Jazz, Rock, Funk, Metal, Latin, Pop, NewProg, Nu-Jazz, Hip hop, etc. and also worked as a session musician in studio and live performances, technology and a sound that only a musician can understand and enjoy.

      The studios name is “CO Drum Lab” ,and at the moment has full occupation and with lots of reservations with the recording of most of the TV shows, cinema and Chilean and Latin artist’s music.

      This talented drummer is also a voting member of the Latin Music Academy and He is currently promoting his new ""organic"" sound library recorded in Los Angeles at Eastwest Studios, he is also the winner of 3 awards for his short film ""The Drummer!"" Launched this 2019 and this 2020 he performed at the Viña del Mar
      festival and lives Latino in Mexico with the famous singer Francisca Valenzuela.


      I've been using these pedals for more than 10 years and I can't really use others. They are part of me. 



      • Longboards, Single pedal
      • Longboards, Double pedal